Smart Rental provides our clients the ability to turn their procurement process into a strategic business advantage. Our Business philosophy is “Buy what appreciates. Rent what depreciates”

Whatever your business requirement, ICT equipment, Office Automation, Power Generators, Telecoms, security, software or any depreciating business asset. We believe that it does not make sense to spend your hard earned cash on depreciating assets. We will structure a tailored rental solution, allowing you to spread the rentals in affordable payments that will align with your business requirements and needs. This allows our customers to leverage their buying power and to redirect their cash to more important income generating projects.

Office Solutions Green Solution Plant and Equipment  Security 
Including but not limited to  Including but not limited to   Including but not limited to   Including but not limited to 
IT Equip, Printers , Scanners Water , Solar , Turbines  Earth Moving,Manufacturing  CCTV , access control 

Transactions typically range from R10 000 to R20m.
Buying expensive equipment can slow down cash flow. We help you to prevent this by paying suppliers on installation and then renting to our clients.

 While underpinning the viability of businesses (especially SMEs) in an eco-friendly future. SmartRent helps clients – in any industry – to access the capital required to become more energy efficient.

 Our Equipment Finance allows clients to purchase movable assets costing over R250 000. We supply financial leases, instalment sale and rental agreements (from one or multiple supply sources

Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset within a business.